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Building Lasting Covenant Relationships                            

Covenant Reference, Isaiah 40 - Isaiah 54 - Proverbs 30 - Jeremiah 29-30-31 - Hosea 2:16-23

Covenant How it Works

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Alphabet + more"

Yada (that is to know) GOD's REAL NAME pronounced YaHoWaH YHWH/efei, personally and relationally, through His Personal and Proper Name  Hebrew Yod (Y), Heh (H), Waw (W), Heh (H) in every Language YaHoWaH/efei.

He has become my Salvations' Personal and Proper Name Yod-Hey-Waw-Shin-Ayin YaHoWsha/osfei (YaHoWaH  Saves) and His Spirits Personal and Proper Name, Yahowah's  Set-Apart Cleansing and Purifying Spirit.

(Towrah) the Words of Yahowah/efei, He has (Written) the love letter to those who will LOVE His Name and His Word the Towrah Tanakh

 The result of knowing Yahowah's Word and being empowered by Yahowah's Set-Apart Spirit is to be the called out, set-apart, anointed Chrestusian, Those who are beneficial, useful, helpful, kind, upright, excellent, worthy and good ones.

Now TRUST and RELY on Yahowah who came as  Yahowsha/osfei (Yod-Heh-Waw-Shin-Ayin) the Ma'aseyah, MessiYaH or "Ma'sehYaH" Useful Implement of Yah/efei.

HalleluYaH  Praise Yahowah/efei also meaning  "Radiate Yah's Light."  Mowriyah

The called out and set-apart, are named Yahowdym - those who are beneficial, useful and belonging to the family of Yah/efei His Covenant Family.

Empowered by the Set-Apart Cleansing and Purifying Spirit

Since Rabbinic Judaism has corrupted the Mo'ed-Miqra�ey, observing senseless religious rites in their stead, and Christendom has concealed them, substituting pagan holidays in their place, the vast preponderance of people living today are unaware of what the seven Mo'ed-Miqra�ey represent.

Miqra'ey Dates 2017

Miqra�ey Calendars

Miqra'ey 7 step Plan

I am YaHoWaH/efei, that is My Name forever, and My esteem I do not give to another, nor My praise to idols names. Isa 42:8

Spoken By Yahowsha osfei

Hand Written By Yahowah (efei)

From The Two
Stone Tablets

What are the three broad explanatory statements and the Seven Instructions Yah/efei Wrote with His own Finger?

Speaking the Word
of Yahowah Elohim
and Yahowsha

Change your Thinking?
Attitudes, Opinions, Actions and Beliefs?

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What is His Name, and What is the Name of His Son? Surely You Know! Proverbs 30:4

�I have come in My Father�s Name "Yahowsha/Yahowah Saves" and you do not receive Me, if another comes in his own name, him you would receive. John 5:43

You will no longer call me Lord?

Do You Know My Name?
Who has gone up to heaven and come down? Who has gathered up the wind in the hollow of his hands? Who has wrapped up the waters in his cloak? Who has established all the ends of the earth? What is his name, and the name of his son? Tell me if you know! 

Proverbs 30:4 

Relationship, Not Religion...
The Creator of the universe, the Author of Life, the one and only God and Savior, the singular Authority qualified to judge human souls, just announced that He had established some specific meeting times
. Leviticus 23:4

One Covenant
Scripture�s paramount declaration: Beriyth/Covenant. This is the first time the word has appeared. Beriyth is �a noun, singular and absolute,� and that�s because there is only one Covenant. Even though the word appears another 189 times in the Torah, Prophets, and Psalms, it is never plural. There is only one way to God. Genesis 6:18



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