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10/26/2016 Seg 1

10/26/2013 Seg 2

11/02/2016 Seg 1

11/02/2016 Seg 2



Yahowdym, Documents and Pictures and Research

"Observations_Chapter One Perspective"

"Observations_Chapter Two Perspective"

"Observations_Chapter Three Perspective"

"Observations_Chapter Four Perspective"

"Observations_Chapter Five Perspective"

"Observations Chapter Six Perspective"

"Observations Chapter Seven Perspective"

"Observations Chapter Eight Perspective"

"Observations Chapter Nine Perspective"

"Observations Chapter Ten Perspective"

"Observations Chapter Eleven Perspective"



"Rainbows and the Towrah" by Jacob Cooper

"Prayer Jer 29:7" by Jacob Cooper


"Observations Evolution Broadcast" MP3 01/03/2016 Craig and Roy

"Evolution Discussion Revised Evolution Notes" by Roy Goodman

"Observation Evolution After notes" by Roy Goodman

"Chaos and Evolution a better explanation" by Roy Goodman

"The Theory of Evolution" by Roy Goodman

"Natural Man and Neshamah" By Roy Goodman



"Hebrew Alphabet 3" by Kirk

"Hebrew Alphabet Ancient" pdf (Frank's Ancient Hebrew Alphabet)

"Hebrew Alphabet Fonts for English Keyboards" pdf chart

"Ancient Semetic Hebrew" pdf Chart

"Ancient Hebrew Language and Alphabet" by Jeff Benner

"Download & Type Hebrew Fonts" Ancient Hebrew Research Center


"Hebrew Alphabet Evolution Chart 1 ITG" ITG

"Hebrew Alphabet Evolution Chart 2 ITG" ITG

"Hebrew Alphabet Evolution page 33-41 ITG Debar" ITG





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